Friday, May 13, 2016

Broghil changing slowly and gradually

Women riding Yaks in the Broghil Valley of Chitral, KPK.

Broghil shares border with Afghanistan, and basic amenities of life are still missing in the vast, mostly desolate, area.
Access to Broghil is limited and vulnerable, especially during winters when heavy snowfall blocks the valleys.
Farming in the area is limited because of extreme cold, Around 300 households, almost all of them speaking Wakhi language.
A large number of people, mostly the elders, are addicted to Opium, which gets the best of them.
The locals say that Opium is basically used as a medicine, but the consumers generally become addicts. In absence of health facilities, the communities have, for several generations, relied on opium and locally available hers to relieve pain. Many efforts are underway to rehabilitate the Opium addicts.
A new generation of educated young people is transforming the valley slowly and gradually.
Best of luck to the change agents.


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