Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Religious symbols engraved on the Shigar Fort (Baltistan)

Shigar Fort is a historical building located in Skardu (Baltistan). It has been restored by the Aga Khan Cultural Services, Pakistan. The images in this gallery contain different symbols/patterns found in the building at different locations.
Many of the patterns are believed to be symbols of various religious groups/philosophies.
A floral pattern that expresses rhythm and continuity 

Another floral pattern with a star at its core

A Chakra, Hindu symbol denoting continuity of life  

Doves attributed to the Sufi traditions

A coiled serpent, having significance in Hindu mythology and scriptures

Zoroastrian symbol, showing the sun god

A different version of Chakra

Pyramid, a Masonic sign dear to the secret order called "knights Templars" or Free Masons

An abridged version of Swastika

A wheel (Chakra)


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