Friday, August 10, 2012

Poor law and order in Gilgit-Baltistan

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

The recent bomb attack on a passenger van near Gilgit city has exposed the administration’s inability to learn from the past, put its act together and control the agents of terror and death. That the incident happened despite warnings referred to the federal interior ministry, which were also published in regional newspapers, speaks volumes about the incapability of the Gilgit-Baltistan government and the administration to act in time to avert such disasters. It appears that the people’s lives are now at the mercy of terrorists who can escape from prisons, attack vehicles, plant bombs and detonate them, leaving no trace, and get away with all this. The major responsibility for the poor law and order in the region lies with Chief Minister Gilgit-Baltistan Syed Mehdi Shah, who also functions as the interior minister. His responsibilities are doubled by the fact that he is also the ruling party’s provincial head.While the government and the administration sit idle and take refuge behind lame excuses, the unscrupulous elements are getting bolder. If the situation is not controlled soon, there is a threat that more such attacks will occur in the future. It is the government’s duty to use the administration for ensuring peace in the region. And it is the administration’s duty to keep the government apprised of the situation on ground. The people of GB, save for a handful of criminals, seek unity, peace and prosperity but the government has failed to facilitate the region’s populace in fulfilment of this common dream.

Noor Muhammad



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اہم اطلاع :- غیر متعلق,غیر اخلاقی اور ذاتیات پر مبنی تبصرہ سے پرہیز کیجئے, مصنف ایسا تبصرہ حذف کرنے کا حق رکھتا ہے نیز مصنف کا مبصر کی رائے سے متفق ہونا ضروری نہیں۔

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