Monday, May 21, 2012

Wakhi Language Song (The Theatre of life)

Poet: Nazir Ahmed Bulbul, Language: Wakhi, Translated by: Noor

Bozigari inson, yem dunyowi yi kucha
Har ruwori tamosho drem, har naghdi tamasha

Man is an artist, and the world is a play
Every night, each day, is a new show!

Har khalgri kirdor ghitetk, wakhti muqarar
Ki vechte’sh xitik, khamde’sh ajal suratay pardah

Everyone has a role to play, and the time is fixed
When the play ends, death unfolds, like a curtain!

Sek umray razhek wakhte’sh hazeng kuhtay nemejuvd
Naeyi ya xitik vechner, naeyep wazd ya kucha

Time forces everyone to dance on the stage of life
Neither the play come to an end, nor the stage ever gets tired

Khu wakhtay bu kirdoren niv sak buy be zxhu jonon
Bakh’shi yem khushighisht tower, mazkhri ghamet nola

We, my dear, are merely two characters of our time
Happiness have been granted to you, and grief to me

Ti yark tu zxhu kufn, ya zxhu farz de town ishq
Tower ya ti pala, woz mazxher tu ya zxhu pala

You were destined to give me pain, and I to love thee
You did your part, and I am doing my part

Wiztep woz ti rang mast kuy, sak buyen ki reghday
Wiztep woz yi Bulbul zxhu jenaw, thuwner x’u dunyo

After we leave, someone as full of vanity as you will come again 
And a Bulbul (nightingale), like me, will also come, to put his own world on fire!  


اگر ممکن ہے تو اپنا تبصرہ تحریر کریں

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