Monday, January 02, 2012

[Pictorial] Babusar Pass

The journey to Babusar Pass starts from Chilas, if you are coming from the North

The valley leading to Babusar Pass is lush greed and humid, with human settlements clustered along the slope.

View from the Babusar Top

No matter which part of the year you visit Babusar, there would always be some snow along the road, at least at the top

Babusar is a huge plateau, on which there is a huge polo ground, used by the government of Gilgit - Baltistan for conducting an annual cultural festival 

The road on the Babusar plateau is unpaved and rough, suitable only for light vehicles 

There are two huge lakes on the Babusar plateau, along the road. From Babusar you can descend into the Naran-Kaghan region


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