Tuesday, March 08, 2011

International Women's Day and the status of women in Pakistan

International Women's Day is being celebrated across the world today, with the aim of raising awareness about status of women and advocating equal rights and opportunities for the disadvantaged segments of the women populaiton of the world. The day will be celebrated across Pakistan by women rights organizations and advocacy groups.
While not downplaying the significance of celebraring women's day, or other advocacy campaigns, let us admit that not much change has been observed in status of the women in Pakistan.
Despite of the fact that Pakistan is home to the world's first Muslim female prime minister and the first Muslim speaker of National Assembly, despite of the fact that at least two women have led mainstream political parties in Pakistan, despite of the fac that women's presence in the parliament has increased manifolds, cases of gender based violence are still rampant in the Pakistani societies.
A sitting senator from the semi-tribal Balochistan defended the gruesome murder-by-burrying-alive of four women in the Jafarabad District.
A lady named Kainat Soomro was fed to dogs by her family members in the vicinity of Karachi, in a horrifying act of the so-called honor crime.
Many women are burnt by their family members for not giving birth to male children. Many others are beaten to death by their husbands, brothers and in-laws.
There is much ground to be covered. The destination of equity, if not equality, is still far away, almost delusional!
A focused and concerted approach is needed for resolution of women's issues, specially in the rural settings where the rights based NGOs don't tend to operate as vigorously as they do in the urban areas.


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