Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kerry-Lugar bill

In my opinion the fuss over the Kerry-Lugar bill is a reflection of the friction between the military establishment and the democratic forces. That the Pakistan People's Party finds itself alone in support of the bill is not only because of the fact that it is in government, but also because it is the single political entity that has openly worked for cutting wings of the military hawks who have, almost always, enjoyed an upper hand in the Pakistani 'democracy'. I was shocked to hear a much-watched 'Dr' denounce the elected political leaders as 'illiterate' and 'dishonest' while eulogising the military officers as 'graduates of staff and war colleges'. In his infinite wisdom he told the viewers in Urdu that the politicians of Pakistan were not capable of looking after the strategic assets, meaning nuclear arsenal, as well as they were 'under-qualified' to have a say in the promotions of 'graduates of war and staff colleges'. Obviously, he is immensely impressed by the intellectual capabilities developed in the war colleges around the world. While accusing politicians of being opportunists and dishonest, he forgot to mention the foreign and domestic assets of the higher army officials, who are entitled to receive not more than a few thousand rupees, per month, from the national exchequer. It seems that the good doctor wants to keep the army supreme by deliberately discrediting elected representatives. Noor Muhammad Islamabad


اگر ممکن ہے تو اپنا تبصرہ تحریر کریں

اہم اطلاع :- غیر متعلق,غیر اخلاقی اور ذاتیات پر مبنی تبصرہ سے پرہیز کیجئے, مصنف ایسا تبصرہ حذف کرنے کا حق رکھتا ہے نیز مصنف کا مبصر کی رائے سے متفق ہونا ضروری نہیں۔

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اگر آپ کے کمپوٹر میں اردو کی بورڈ انسٹال نہیں ہے تو اردو میں تبصرہ کرنے کے لیے ذیل کے اردو ایڈیٹر میں تبصرہ لکھ کر اسے تبصروں کے خانے میں کاپی پیسٹ کرکے شائع کردیں۔