Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Indo-Pak Students Meet in a Conference in Karachi

Today a delegation of the students of Delhi School of Economics visited our university. They were rather hosted by our university over the entire period of their stay in Pakistan. The delegation consists of twenty students, incluidng 17 post graduate students of Economics, three students of Sociology and one student of Geography.The head of that delegation Dr. Shrikant Gupta, who holds a doctorate in economics, made a presentation about the role of civil society in development of the Indian and Pakistani economies, addressing the "SZABIST-DSE Conferenece on Synergizing the Indian and Pakistani Economies".There were three other speakers including Dr. Qaisar Bengali, a faculty member at SZABIST, Dr. Saeed (PhD Economic, Cambridge) and Mr. Amin Lakhani, the President of India Pakistan CEO's Forum.All the speakers stressed the need to further increase the people to people interaction and thus pave ways for regional harmony and prosperity. Dr. Gupta was pretty focused and emphasized on the involvement of the civil society in decision making and policy framing in both countries. Dr. Bengali made a point when he said that economic grwoth has resulted in exoansion of the rich-poor divide on both sides of the border and that he attributed to lack of proper planning and implementation of existing policies. Lakhani said that he had been visiting Inida for a long period of time and there was "a very narrow and very unrealistic image" of Pakistan in India.The conference was really positive and the speakers were not reluctant in voicing their concerns very vividly. Momentos of the confernece were then presented to the distingushed guests. The confrence was attended by media personal of various channels. It ended with a lunch that was hosted in the small garden of our university.


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