Tuesday, January 10, 2006

DIG Muzaffar behind the bars for at least ten years

DIG Muzaffar behind the bars for at leas ten years 1/9/2006 11:30 AMThe Accountability Court # 3 of Rawalpindi has punished the former DIG Police, Raja Muzaffar and his two accomplices Daulat Ali and Ali Raza. The culprits have been penalized for their involvement in the illegal vehicle scam that had been earthed by the National Accountability Bureau. The three culprits were present in the court while the verdict was voiced by the honorable judge. They were arrested and transfered to prison immediately.Raja Muzaffar and his accomplice, sub-inspector Daulat Ali (Motor Vehicle Examiner) and Ali Raza, the superintendent of RTA Office Gilgit, were accused of being involved in the illegal trafficking of snatched and stolen vehicles in the northern areas. The culprits have been sentenced to ten years imprisonment and a fine of PKR five million has been imposed on each of them. In case the fine is not paid, the culprits would have to serve another ten years in the prison. This verdict of the Rawalpindi court is seen as a major relief for the northern areas. The culprits were also accused of offering help to the Taliban in establishing basis in the northern areas. Their arrest, people say, was on those grounds more than the illegal vehicle scam that, reportedy, was unearthed later. This verdict would restore the confidence of people in the supremacy of law.


اگر ممکن ہے تو اپنا تبصرہ تحریر کریں

اہم اطلاع :- غیر متعلق,غیر اخلاقی اور ذاتیات پر مبنی تبصرہ سے پرہیز کیجئے, مصنف ایسا تبصرہ حذف کرنے کا حق رکھتا ہے نیز مصنف کا مبصر کی رائے سے متفق ہونا ضروری نہیں۔

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