Friday, September 02, 2005

Mauj .... The Waves

Lethal and Soothing Waves
Have we progressed?
There is nothing as beautiful as the sun that sinks over the horizon, as if drowning into the sea. The seagulls that soar over the surface of the sea are messengers; the messengers of joy and ecstasy. The spume that sprinkles over the stones and vanishes within no time is also a messenger; it conveys the message of death. The sun that sets is another symbol. It shows that the high ups are gonna fall down. It shows that there would be another day fo full light, so sit and wait for it. The birds that travel towards their nests are messengers as well. They show to us that everything shall, at one time or the other, return to their homes. They teach us the secret of the other world... the Home.
This world is not a place of leisure. Life is a challange for all of us, irrespective of our social and economic status. We are against the fiercest forces of nature. The hurricanes, the Tsunamis, the monsoon all are the forces that destroy us. There are other forces as well. The evil forces of rivalries, enmities and greed. They also destroy us. And they are the most lethal because they are created by us. Human being.
Baghdad fell prey to rivalry and the feelings of fear. The thousand souls that left the bodies were afraid of the "suicide bombers". They thought they would be killed by the bomb and thus they ran. And that killed them too. They plunged into the river "Tigris" to save themselves but the waves were not craddles. They swept them away keeping their sandals and shoes at the bridge.
The new Orleans, Mexico, the Tsunami of south Asia and the monsoon of India also killed people. But these were not the result of hatred or rivalry. These were the examples of us being fighting against the forces of nature. Waves set in and force my mind to ponder... Did our scientific development and our worldly gains help us! Did the images taken by the many satellites in the orbit, avert Kathrina!
Not exactly. We, as human beings, were not able to save the many lives lost in all these situations. We are smaller and helpless. A single Tornedo that appears from somewhere can uproot the mightiest of us and and the stronges our constructions. We are weak. We have not been able to avoid the disaster created by the many earth quakes that have hit our planet on many an occasion. Our sismic detectors have not proven to be of more significance. We are inferior. We have not been able to avoid the conflicts that pop up on the international horizon, every now and then. We have not been able to do much, despite of the gigantic claims. Indeed, I admit, we have made the deadliest of weapons. Atom bomb is nothing as compared to the Plutonum and Hydrogen Bombs that we are making. Our power of destruction has increased manifolds. We now are more beast-like, than ever before. And let us admit that our power of curing diseases has been very low. We are not sure about the exact (precise) cure for more than twenty dieseases, despite of the billions that we have been spending on the thousands of researches.
There are tens of millios on the face of our planet who live below the poverty line. They are the ones who don't have any work to do , any source to earn and any knowledge to share. They are the ones who bother you on the streets by asking for that "vital" penny.
There are the lootings and rampages, taking place at the same rate as they had been in the times of "ignorance". Even in this civilized world of ours, their is no justice and no equality. The capitlaist stands as the new King and the masses as always, the masses. We have not improved. The food we eat might have changed, the dress we wear has definitely changed, but not for all of us. There are the ones who dies without wearing something "proper". There are the millions who die due to hunger and femine. Let's not forget the Darfurs and the Sudans of our modern times.
Our gigantic bombs and the most sophisticated of our machines are nothing in front of mother nature. The time demands more from us. We cannot hide oursleves like the Ostrich, by closing our eyes to these harsh realities. We have been defeated by mother nature more than once. There are gigantic tasks ahead. And the time shall never wait for us. Let us decide whether we shall be on the run or in the lead?


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